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As I said in my last post we have already looked at a couple of venues. We decided almost immediately that we wanted our favourite French restaurant to do the catering- either that or have the reception in the restaurant. The only problem with having the reception in the restaurant is that it's not very big. However, it turns out that it's quite hard to bring your own caterer to a venue in Edinburgh. Most of the ones that don't do their own in-house catering have a preferred list of (extremely expensive) ones that you must choose from. I had a look at the Scottish Book Trust who hire out their garden and meeting space, but unfortunately they're going to be undergoing renovation when we want to get married. I should say that before we had decided on La Bagatelle, we had a look at the Braid Hills Hotel which is a fairly traditional mid-range sort of venue, but it really wasn't our scene. Edinburgh has some fabulous venues unfortunately at fabulous prices, and since our budget is characterised by the phrase 'as cheap as possible', we can't afford any of them. We'll be looking at a few other places over the next few months, but I would like to get this sorted out asap.


Mar. 13th, 2010 10:19 am
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After a long silence here I have the biggest news! We have set a date! It now gives me some structure to what I must plan (and I do so love to plan). We have decided on the 14th April 2012, which while a long time away, gives plenty of time to get things organised properly. We have already looked at a couple of venues, decided on a caterer, and know the sort of wedding we wish to have. He wants it as small and as low key as he can get away with. I want it small-ish, laid back and elegant. However, we are both firm that we want to do it as cheaply as possible!


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