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When one is not in the first flush of youth, and not exactly svelte into the bargain, the prospect of going round bridal salons trying to squeeze into sample dresses ten sizes too small is not something one looks forward to with any great joy. I had therefore decided fairly early on that I wanted a dress made for me by a local dressmaker, either to an existing pattern or designed for me (depending on cost). My sister, and bridesmaid, was horrified and said I had to try on some proper wedding dresses, which prospect, as I say, filled me with gloom. However, I discovered that there is a bridal salon specialising in the larger lady not twenty miles away, so I made an appointment, and today we hot footed it there.

I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did I not look totally horrific and mutton-dressed-as-lamb-like, I actually looked OK in a couple of the dresses. The first one I tried on was gorgeous, and I didn't look fat in it at all, just in proportion. I also tried on several bridesmaid's dresses, which, once I had ruled out the chiffonny efforts that looked like nighties, had some distinct possibilities. One I particularly liked was extremely elegant.

I suppose my problem with the proper wedding dress is that both my inner and outer Scot really baulk at spending quite a large amount of money on something that can realistically only be worn once. However, I also know from past experience as a bridesmaid, where the dress I had was bought on the understanding that I could wear it again, I naturally never did, so that's probably not the right way of thinking about it.

Still, I don't have to make up my mind yet - there's still a year to go, but I'm a lot less sure that I was this morning.


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