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Sep. 17th, 2010 08:34 am
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I said in my last post that I thought that we had our venue sorted out. It is a lovely old nineteenth century sports pavilion, belonging to the local cricket club, a couple of miles from the church. The huge benefit for us is that they are quite happy for us to use our own caterers. I went along last week to make a formal booking. I was a bit taken aback when the steward said it was far too early to make a booking (our date is April 2012 so it's not that far away) and she wouldn't take a deposit from me at this stage. She then dropped the real bombshell. When we had originally viewed the place back in the spring, we had been advised that Saturday was not a good day for them as there was always cricket on Saturdays during the season, so we changed our date to a Friday. No problem for us at that stage. Last week the steward told me that not only was there always cricket on a Saturday, but there was always the possibility (however remote) that there could be a major test match on which would totally preclude their being able to host our reception. There are four or five of these over the course of the season and they last several days at a time. While the steward felt it was extremely unlikely that one of these would coincide with our wedding date, the clincher for us was that she would be unable to tell us until the fixture list was announced in December 2011. Great. Just great.

I talked it over with my beloved, and we both feel that we can't risk it - for one thing our wedding insurance wouldn't cover the rearrangement costs. Back to the drawing board in the venue search. Sigh. I've lined up a few places for us to look at the next time my beloved is over here, but I suspect that they won't be quite what we're looking for - one is on the other side of the city for one thing. The other option is to accept that we're not going to be able to take our own caterers and go for one of the nice city centre venues- money is less of a factor than it was six months ago, for the reception at least, so we could certainly afford some of the lower end ones. I found rather a nice one within walking distance of the church - the City Chambers. We are going to have a look at it and we'll see.

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That sounds awful! I don't blame you for not wanting that level of uncertainty, even if it is a lovely venue. You'll find what's right for you!


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