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There has been a long hiatus on this journal over the summer for reasons I won't bore any remaining readers with. However, I am now feeling re-energised and am piling into the wedding planning again. We have set a date, spoken with the priest at the church and have chosen our venue, although not yet booked it. I have also made the first tentative steps into designing and making my own wedding stationery.I suspect that at the end of the day it will turn out that we could have bought invitations etc much much more cheaply than the ones I am going to make, but they will have the benefit of being totally unique.

What set me off down this road was the realisation that really nice invitations start at around £2.50 each. Even for the 30 or so invites we will need, once you factor in all the other stationery - orders of service, menus, place cards etc it would soon be prohibitive. However, I have hopes that I will be able to do the lot for under £100. There are some super ideas and resources over at Wedding Invitation Ideas, but I very early on had a pretty clear idea of the sort of thing I wanted. I felt that given that I am Scottish and my beloved is Irish the design had to use thistles and shamrocks. I've currently ditched this as impractical - I wanted to use pressed real leaves and flowers and it didn't work. Using made up ones was going to be very expensive, so I am currently thinking about embossed stamps either in thistles & shamrocks or some sort of Celtic design.The important thing is to keep the design as simple as possible.I can print card inserts myself, or if feeling flush use a local print shop. At any rate I can feel this being a long term project.
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