Sep. 27th, 2010

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Today and tomorrow are venue search days as my beloved is over from Ireland. However, I think we may have found our place today, although not perfectly what we wanted, but more anon. In the search for a venue that allows us to bring our own caterers it quickly became obvious, as I have already said on previous occasions that this is very difficult in Edinburgh. However, I had managed to identify a couple of places that might do. Firstly there was the Walpole Hall which is the church hall for St Mary's Cathedral. I liked the pictures on the website, but my issue was always going to be that I would feel a bit uncomfortable getting married in one church and using the premises of another for my reception. Anyway we went along this morning, and knew almost immediately that it wasn't for us. It was pretty shabby, and while I realise that dressing it properly would make the world of difference, I still thought it on the large side for what we want.

Next up was the French Institute in Randolph Crescent. We really liked it and would have been happy to book it, unfortunately although I had been told on the phone that the larger room could sit 60 for dinner, it turned out that this was really for a stand up buffet and the maximum it could sit was 40. Boo.

Our final viewing today was Edinburgh City Chambers, a beautiful, imposing Victorian building in the High St, really convenient for the church. Sadly no images on the council's web pages any more, for some reason. We didn't take long to decide this was more like it, and made a provisional booking for our date. Sadly we can't bring our caterers and have to use the in house catering service, but the menus look OK, although obviously they won't be the same in 18 months time.

We decided that we would still go and have a look at the other places we arranged to see. The first is the Ellersley House Hotel at Murrayfield, a bit far out, but I thought it looked lovely, The Bonham at the West End, and Dovecot Studios in Infirmary Street, in fact the old Infirmary Street swimming baths. This last was a bit of a mistake - I phoned them up and got an indication of price telling me they were out of our league, but I proceeded to dig myself into a hole as the events woman said she would arrange specially to see us tomorrow. Couldn't see any way of backing out gracefully, so we'll have a look.

Fingers crossed though, that's us sorted. Yay!


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