Apr. 19th, 2010

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The problem with my beloved living in another country across the sea means that there can be problems meeting up. I have to say the sort of problems I would have considered might impinge on us are things like airline strikes or air traffic control problems or even terrorism. The one thing neither of us has ever considered has been a bloody volcanic eruption! We were due to meet up this weekend just past, for a couple of days in a resort hotel in central Scotland. Needless to say, courtesy of Iceland, we didn't both get there. We were part of a larger group so I went anyway. I missed him dreadfully.

He's due over again in a couple of weeks and I'm now wondering, what if things haven't resolved by then? I've just been looking at bus times - it takes twelve hours in a combination of bus and ferry as opposed to two by flying. Sigh.

Then of course the thought struck me - what if this happened a couple of days before our wedding? Half the guests wouldn't be able to get here! Horrors. Note to self, make sure there are contingencies in place.


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At long last, love

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